Our Story


Cavour 313 is History of good wine.

The premises of Cavour 313 have been a reference point for Rome’s wine enthusiasts for over 80 years: it was 1935 when Berardino Santarelli decides to open on Via Cavour 313 a “Vini, Liquori, Olii” (literally “Wines, Liqueurs, oils”, an informal drugstore), one of the 12 wineries he owned in Rome.

The re-establishment then occurred, in 1979: from tradition to the avant-garde. The place triggered research and prolific encounters. A number of projects which changed the world of italian enogastronomy came to life right here, at the tables of Cavour 313: from “Gambero Rosso” to “Arcigola”, then “Slow Food”.

At Cavour 313 you can now find national labels, listed by region of origin, as well as French and Spanish wines. A selection of Sparkling Wines and Champagnes. Italian and foreign Liqueurs and Cognac. This is the result of a project based on quality and selection, right from the start.

These are the foundations of Cavour 313, which has become one of the largest wine shops in Rome: a list of over one thousand labels of wine, great selections by the glass, wine tastings and qualified staff to help guests choose the best bottle for any occasion.

It is no coincidence that, according to many, Cavour313 is now one of the best wine bars in Rome.

Cavour 313 is Good Taste at the table.

A high level wine bar, as well as a meeting point for lovers of good food. Since 1985, the goal of Cavour313 has been to offer a menu of selected foods to accompany the labels we carry, reaching our clientele, made up of locals and international tourists, alike.

Anticipating trends and before Bistrot came around, Rome has place where modern French gastronomy meets Italian regional tradition. Meats and cheeses are from selected agri-food chain, vegetables and fruits from local farming, home-made cakes and desserts combining new flavors with traditional cuisine.

Cavour 313 is the Future of Good Wine.

Our fuel is the desire to experiment: food and wine as a cultural value and a means to discover the land, vines, labels, techniques, combinations. It is through this search that Cavour313 stands its ground: offering wines that have something to say, and say it straight. National or French wines, historical and emerging producers, organic or biodynamic wines.

Our heart and mind goes to engage our clientele, organizing events with wine producers, offering guided tastings, vertical tasting of national wines and from across the Alps.

Because Cavour313 is a matter of style.